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Saturday, February 11, 2017

VERY POOR service, please save yourself stress, time and money. I went for a simple break check and came out with a hole in a lug nut and a lost lock for my rims. They couldn't get my last 2 tires off because they were having trouble getting them off (hints the hole in my lug nut, that of course they deny doing).Then the sales guy tried to offer me $5 to go buy a new lock for my rims. I told him to call my dealership and get a new set for me and he did. It was $47 Not $5!.. I give them a big fat Zero Star!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

To whom it may concern, My name is Bert Clark ,I have been a customer of Brake Check for many years now and am exactly dissappointed in having to file a complaint in regards to the servicing of my truck 2007 Toyota Tundra SR5.On 11/2/2016 I came in to your store located at 4129 Highway 6 South, for some noise I heard near the front of my truck and ended up having a resurfacing of the rotors and new pads added per the recommendations of the acting manager at time for $294.00 which I might add, took over 3 1/2 hours for a 2 hours job with only two others vehicles in the work bay at that time.(1st RED FLAG) Huuum??? I wondered, because I am mechically inclined and have been sense I was 14 year old. Well, in good faith I accepted the manager apology for the delay on completing the work. A week of so later I returned because I notice that one of my wheel locks were missing and something sounds weid. Again, the manager apolgized for the miss hap and Walked over to Discount Tire Store and purchased and replaced the set of locks and advise me that the noise is just a ware near the stabilizing bar and it's not bad enough to change at this point.(2nd RED FLAG) I was good with that UNTIL: Well, a few more weeks later on 12/17/2016 be exact I returned after, again hearing this rattle getting louder and louder. So, the same manager and crew place my truck on the rack and reviewed the front right wheel. After about 10 mins or so, the manager begins to tell me I need a new caliper.. at $341.00 (3nd RED FLAG). I refused the service because I was suspicious of the service and some - whispering I happen to walk up and hear just the last bit of. When something like (QUOTE: which you ya'll did this job was it you or ......) I was then noticed standing immediately behind the two..(4Th RED FLAG)- Again! I was good but a bit upset because the manager said he would have to list my truck as refused service. so, to make a longer story shorter I had a break down in the brake system that nearly killed me and other members of family. I was finally able to regain controll and had my truck towed for $120.00 to Auto Mission Repair where there manager has advised me that this problem as occurried to due poor brake work performed by the last brake servicing, reporting that the improper blots were used on the calipers ( not for this type of vehicle). Mission Auto Repair has taken pics of this and will be billing me for this repair of my braking system. So, it is more than obvious that the manager notice this and was trying to make me foot the bill for his employees mistakes. I am seeking FULL reimbursement for all repairs and lost of income do. NOTE:Break Check = ALWAYS DOES A COMPLETE BRAKE SYSTEM CHECK DOING EACH OF THE CUSTOMER VISITS - GIVING A RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REPAIR AND OR, SAFETY ISSUES.- This did not happen!!! I maybe contacted at: 281-253-28.. Thank you sincerely, for your immediate attention to this matter! Bert Clark FYI: Social Media is a MONSTER!

more than 6 months ago

I wish there was a lower rating than one star. Absolutely one of the most piss poor services I've ever had from a car maintenance shop(at Bandera/1604 San Antonio store). Not to mention they put a 3" X 3" gouge in my driver side door!

Candie Engstrom

, more than 6 months ago

Brake Check San Marcos: 6/15/2016 Took my car in because dash light came on. Instead of telling me I had a brake light out they removed all 4 tires and told me I needed rear brakes, I had a oil leak ( which they showed me fresh oil around a motor gasket ) and that I needed to replace my rack and pinion. Well I knew that I probably needed rear brakes so I went ahead and agreed to that cause it would only be a couple hours so I figured I would beable to get to work, WRONG But told them I just had major motor work done so I would take it back to the shop that did the work. Well my car has been sitting in a shop for 2 days while they keep looking for this mysterious oil leak and guess what NO rack and pinion work is needed. Also when they qouted me the rack and pinion job they said nothing about needing a front end alignment. I guess they would of hit me up with that later. I was there for almost 5 1/2 hours. Is this how BRAKE CHECK treats woman customers as if we are DUMB. I am furious, my car is old but I have taken very good care of it and I feel I let assholes touch it. I'm a hard working woman that takes care of my disabled husband along with working 2 jobs to make ends meet and your employees try to steel from me and how many others out there. Shame on you. Also while I was waiting there was a Vietnam Vet who had a appointment to have work done. It was suppose to take less than 2 hours and he was going to be there for over 7 hours. You need to take a serious look into your San Marcos Texas location and clean it up.

more than 6 months ago

Bad Review. 04/06/16. Went in for brake service. 10209 S Hwy 6 Sugar Land, TX 77498. After three hours manager informed me that the ABS bearing sensor was broken by the staff. They would replace it for free but would have to bring my truck in the next day after the part is picked up. Drove my truck around the next day with the ABS light now. Repair was done the following day. Five hours to do my brake work. A free oil change was offered by R**** for my extra time I waited. I didn't do the oil change because my vehicle was not ready for the oil to be changed. Went back three weeks later and waited another two hours for the oil to be changed. R**** noted six quarts of oil needed on the service document. No receipt was offered at completion of the oil change. Check oil light kept turning on and off two/three weeks later. After checking the oil level, it turned out they didn't add enough oil. Call new manager M***, gave me the run-around by checking all the history on my truck. No other oil change was ever done at Break Check. M*** noted five quarts had been added. I informed M*** that my vehicle takes six quarts. I asked that he speak with the employee that worked on my vehicle, he quickly noted that person probably doesn't work here any longer without checking who work on my truck. It turned out my truck was two quarts low. Another free oil change was offered. I declined. My recommendations, don't go to a break shop to do an oil job unless you want to buy a new motor.

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